10 Surprising Utilisation For chapstick Nobody Ever Told You About

In addition to treating chapped lips, Bright Side shares 10 tips for using lip balm.  

1.Avoid acne. A new pair of shoes is always good, but sometimes a new pair of shoes can cause blisters on the feet.If you find yourself in this situation, you can apply some lip balm to the affected area and continue walking without discomfort. 

2.Removing a stuck ring Sometimes removing a ring is not as easy as putting on a ring.Our first thought is to use soap.However, in this case, please do not go to the toilet immediately, because you can only use ChapStick. Cover the entire ring with balm, it will be easier to remove.

3. Scratched skin repair and shine
If there are small scratches on your leather shoes, use a ChapStick to fix them.You can also use this technique on bags, belts, furniture, and anything else that has been scratched, tarnished, and aged. 

Four.Heals minor cuts & insect bites.Due to its moisturizing and soothing properties, ChapStick can relieve itching and speed up treatment.It can also reduce skin redness and soothe small wounds. 

Fives.Andump is domesticated by flies; static hair  lip balm ensures that your hair stays soft for longer.Simply apply some lip balm on the brush and comb your hair to prevent root formation.Lipsticks have a wax base and they look elegant when applied to the eyebrows.  

6. Soothe Rhinitis
Frequently wiping the nose due to a cold can irritate the skin around or inside the nose. Run your finger over a tube of lip balm and apply to the irritated area. ChapStick moisturizes the skin and helps it heal. But don't use ChapStick menthol because it may itch.

7. Make an improvised candle
If you insert a small wooden match or stick it into the ChapStick, you'll have a good emergency candle.

8. Make a fire
If you need to start a fire, a regular ChapStick can help. Put a little conditioner on a cotton ball and set it on fire. The cotton will explode immediately and the oil in the lip balm will increase the flame. This would help it burn longer during a larger fire.

9. Lubricate the broken zipper
Lip balms contain oil, which is why they are great for fixing the fixatives that get stuck.

10.Make your perfume last longerIf you apply ChapStick where you applied perfume, this will make your perfume stronger and allow you to enjoy the scent for longer.