** 25 uses for drying plates
1. Shine chrome.Dampen a used drying cloth and polish your bathroom faucet or toaster.  
2. Keep the scissors sharp by wiping the blades with used paper between uses.
3. Pooh bye pet hair!Rub sofas, beds, etc. with dry towels., and it will collect all that hair from your baby's fur.
4. Clean the oven racks.Soak them overnight in dishwashing liquid along with towels to dry.
5.Put it in drawers and your clothes will smell fresh and clean for a long time. 
6.Ward off gnats / mosquitoesPut a new sheet in your pocket and leave the number on the display. Those who fly little beasts do not like the smell. Same thing with mice!
7.The blotter paper used is the best film fabric.
8.Dirty pots and pans will not fit on the dryer sheet.Dampen a skillet with water, dish soap and paper towels to dry for about an hour.Previously burnt glue will peel off by itself.  
9.Drying sheets can be used as lotion for foul-smelling shoes. Cut a new sheet of paper in half and put one half into each shoe.
10. Clean the paint brushes.Soak in warm water with a dry towel for several hours.  
11. Keep suds away from shower doors.One use of drying sheets that most people don't know about is how to use them to clean bathroom doors. Just wet a new sheet and rub it. They are amazing.
12.Curly hair can be corrected by rubbing it with a used blow dryer.  
13.Prevent dust from accumulating on the TV by cleaning it with a used blade.  
14.Improve your car's smell in no time by placing a new dry cushion under the saddle.  
15. Got deodorant streaks on your shirt? Rub it with a drying paper!
16.Remove toilet stains by wiping down with a used drying towel.  
17.Place a drying sheet on folded sheets to make sure it smells fresh when you make your bed.  
18.Keep a dry towel in the glove compartment.It won't smell bad when you need to use it.  
19.Hide drying sheets in your home to keep everything fresh and clean.
You can put it under sofa cushions, in baskets, wherever you find shelter.  
20.Dry your blinds once a month.This will help ward off dust build-up.  
21.Remove dust from the panels and wipe them with a used drying cloth.  
22.Using tissues packed in empty toilet paper rolls is a great way to put out a fire.  
23. Clean hair brushes by soaking them in warm water with a drying paper. New and clean!
24.Send one with your child to the school locker. It will smell so much better!
25. Make your own Swiffer pads.All you need is a few sheets of paper to dry and roll up the balls.