Chinese Honey Chicken

*ingredients :

°four large egg whites
°3/4 cup cornstarch (or candy Mochiko rice flour)
°1/3 cup water
°1 pound fowl breast, reduce into 1 inch thin pieces
°vegetable oil for frying
°half cup mayonnaise
°1/4 cup honey
°2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk

* instructions :

In a massive bowl, upload egg whites and beat till foamy (1-2 mins) earlier than whisking in the cornstarch and water till mixed and the fowl eventually folds.
Heat 3 inche oil on medium heat (as much as 350 degrees) in saucepan & adding fowl portions in  batches to golden brown, approximately 2-3 min in continue with batch.  
In a large bowl, integrate mayonnaise, honey, and sweetened condensed milk, then upload the fried fowl just earlier than serving

Enjoy !