°1 box yellow butter cake mix
°14 oz can coconut cream
°1 14 ounce Eagle Brand Milk
°8 oz cold whip
°1 package frozen coconut (thawed)
°1 box yellow butter cake mix
°14 oz can of coconut cream
°1 14 ounces Eagle Brand Milk
°8 oz. cold-whip
°1 pack frozen coconut ()

* Methods 
Wow, what an excellent dessert - it will definitely be one of the family favourites! ... To prepare this recipe, the yellow butter cake mixture must first be baked according to the package instructions in a 13 x 9 x 2 pan. Step Two: At this point, once the cake is hot, you need to pierce it with a fork. Step 3: After all this, you now want to blend can of coconut cream & a can Eagle Brand Milk also pour the mix on cake. Then you have to cover and cool. Step 4: Finally, at this point and when the cake is cool, you need to brush it with 8 ounces of Cool Whip and a packet of frozen (thawed) coconut. Finally, keep the cake in the fridge!! Enjoy